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Project Advisory Committee Toronto is a destination for people from all over the world.

More than half the city’s residents were born outside Canada and over the past 10 years more than half a million immigrants and refugees have settled here.

The research will investigate the relationship between migration and diabetes by assessing experiences with diabetes, and behaviours and socio-economic conditions affecting its risk, prevention, treatment and management among migrants and non-migrants; it will also examine the roles of the healthcare system, as perceived and practiced by healthcare personnel working with immigrants.

The Toronto component, coordinated by Access Alliance, will involve 4 immigrant communities (Mandarin-speaking immigrants from China, Tamil-speaking immigrants from Sri Lanka, Urdu-speaking immigrants from Pakistan, and Bengali speaking immigrants from Bangladesh), a comparison sample of non-immigrants, as well as diabetes health care providers.

We will examine cross-sector collaborations and system navigation for the Syrian refugee resettlement process.

While the project will produce recommendations for refugee health and settlement in general, the lessons learned from this review will be important for planning when a high number of refugees arrive in a short amount of time.

While the city is greatly enriched by the diversity of its population, many newcomers experience life changes during the settlement process that have an important impact on their health.

Toronto Public Health and Access Alliance collaborated on a research and knowledge integration project to deepen our understanding of the health status and health needs of recent immigrants and refugees.

We believe that promoting health and wellbeing cannot be limited to just providing medical services for people who are ill.In Scarborough, about half a million trips taken each day are less than 5 km and this distance is easily cycled in 20 minutes.Converting even some of these trips from car to bicycle would have an immediate impact on local congestion, air quality, and the individual health of residents.The goal of the project was to identify: Findings The project’s findings provide insight into how to best maintain, promote and improve the health of newcomers to Toronto.This knowledge is essential for policy makers, service providers and advocates.

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A list of current and recent research activities is shown below: We also conduct program evaluations and needs assessments, which provide valuable evidence for planning and prioritizing our programs and services.

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