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These processing times include issuing a certified copy of the amended record (if you paid for a copy).Our processing times may occasionally increase as our volume of requests increases.With the exception of the five species of monotreme (egg-laying mammals), all modern mammals give birth to live young.Most mammals, including the six most species-rich orders, belong to the placental group.Mammals can organize themselves into fission-fusion societies, harems, and hierarchies, but can also be solitary and territorial.Most mammals are polygynous, but some can be monogamous or polyandrous.Living mammals are divided into the Yinotheria (platypus and echidnas) and Theriiformes (all other mammals).There are around 5450 species of mammal, depending on which authority is cited.

The modern mammalian orders arose in the Paleogene and Neogene periods of the Cenozoic era, after the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs, and have been among the dominant terrestrial animal groups from 66 million years ago to the present.If you are amending a birth, death, or marriage record and have paid for a certified copy of the amended record, refer to the processing timeframes below for amendments.The estimated processing times for amendments are listed below.(County Recorder Offices can sometimes process requests faster than our office.) For important information regarding submitting your request to our office, please see "Do We Have Your Record Yet?" (using the "Important Information" link at the bottom of this page).

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