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To pick at the exfoliating skin, as it peels off my arms, After an overexposure.. And sweat like a twenty dollar hooker, In the back seat of a Nash Rambler.. Last week I was saying how Matt Reed had a monster day. I have some wood projects in the shop I need to finish before Christmas.. Here are a couple of fish that were caught during the blizzard.. But I have seen a lot more pics of decent fish as well.. And that is what is in store for the next week it appears.. I'd like it a lot better if it started out at seventy.. Especially if I hear any more reports like the one above.. The white bass are stacked under the Veleno bridge, but few crappie are being caught under there..

To feel your heat, burning through my T-shirt, As I work a bank from east to west.. I will have to say, however, that those that have braved the wind, cold, and rain have done surprisingly well.. The last few mornings have been in the forties and highs have made it to almost seventy.. I reckon the cooler water has run the fish out of the trees a bit into slightly deeper water. The fish have to move back into these creeks sooner or later.. But if it clears up and the sun pops out I will have to give it a try..

December 9, 2017: I ain't saying I ain't seen it before.. But I guess we need the water to cool down a bit before it warms up a bit to get these ladies in the lovin' mood.. Two of my trips last week were to the south west end of the lake like I said.. And we went up the river to take our weekly ass beating.. I didn't get him stuck good and he jumped and threw the hook.. As was proven by a lot of fishermen that wore em out over the weekend. I am sure there are still plenty of fish in the off colored water, but from what I have seen, there are not a lot of boats fishing in it.. The lake has come up a bit the last week, and the ramp at the state park is working fine, although it is still down to the middle lane. The county ramp is a bit flat, and the west side of is has some silt on top of it, but it is still working fine.. Sunday I fished with a buddy and we caught some flipping fish, but kind of struck out on deep rocks.

What is a bit concerning is that water temps went from 73° on Monday, to 63° yesterday.. But these Falcon fish can get a little uppity when the water gets cold.. But I am sure I will have to go check on them when the ice breakers can make it that far south.. Well the bait hardly got wet and about a two pounder had my worm and hauled ass with it. They were too damn little to know exactly what they were. In any case the fishing down here has been pretty damn good this last week. The water is slowly clearing on the top end of the lake, but you need to get past marker ten before you see some green.

To slip on my Costas, And tug down the brim of my hat. December 12, 2017: It is cool but fishable around these parts.. But to my surprise it was corroborated and sworn to.. Most of these fish were caught on mid running crankbaits in creek channels, not necessarily in the bushes.. I will have to say that I have heard a few decent reports from the upper end of the lake the last few days. So I am going to say that the top of the lake has gone from the dead sea to a hit and miss possibility.. We try not to be in the same place at any one time.. These three young fellows went out catfishing with weenies and shrimp yesterday.. It will be Sunday or Monday before I get the urge to get out there..

My Sun, My Sun, Please make me aware, That your balmy presence still exists in my life.. Well he has had a couple more and so has John Adami. From what I hear, the fish are concentrated in some areas, and scattered out in the rest. Good numbers of four to eight pound fish being caught.. And I apologize for no name and weight on this beastie.. Water temps have rebounded a bit to the middle sixties the last two days and under the Veleno bridge it was 65° yesterday . There are very few people in town currently, and I have not spoken to many fishermen.

So if you get your Christmas shopping done and still have some vacation time to burn, you ought to get your ass down here.. All it takes this morning is Big Balls, and Overalls.. The kind that still keep me fired up about going fishing. But I re-rigged my bait and made an even longer cast back to the stump and got bit again.. But even I have been catching some good ones here lately, so you certainly have a chance to catch em as well. Those things are stacked on them brushpiles down there.

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I have been in the deer blind all week thinking that this frozen tundra shit would get the deer stirred up.. Yes, cause I was having too much fun in Salsa Land.. I did fish last Sunday morning on the Texas side between Bob's Knob and Pierce's.. Anyway I was telling you that we were fishing last Thursday and we caught a bunch of fish.. I weighed em all and there was a lot of six and seven pound fish in the mix.. Several eight pound fish were caught, and one ten I hear form the Laredo group. I will be doing fish care at the weigh in, but I can't save em if you bring em in on life support.. There are quite a few keeper fish in the mix, but I have not caught any giants flipping the woods lately..

But it has been mentioned by a lot of folks that predict weather for a living.. They still have the Astros as underdogs to win it all.. I had intentions of fishing the Tigers and a few creeks south, but did not make it there.. And certainly pay attention to the Gargoyle Of The Rio Grande.. (I'm on a mini hot streak..)Am I bragging about Falcon? We had the monthly group out of Laredo, Ingram bass club, and Alamo bass club from San Antonio. It is bad enough to kill one, but to waste it is even worse.. The water is hot and you must take care of your fish. A senko or a craw or a big worm can certainly get you bit in about four to six feet of water in the lumber..

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