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Already squeezed by the demands of work and looking after their own children, many find it difficult to devote the time needed to elderly relatives.As a result there are concerns that elderly people living alone are becoming increasingly neglected.One way to avoid this is by physically reuniting different generations of the family.The Office for National Statistics estimates there are now 419,000 multi-generational households, up from around 325,000 in 2001.Soaring life expectancy means people will soon spend at least two decades in retirement.While inevitably there will be those who have health care requirements that necessitate specialist accommodation and nursing, the majority want to live independently for as long as possible.Being able to have daily contact and something to look forward to is important.’And the Lowes are at the forefront of a new family dynamic — with the garden acting as a buffer between the generations.The number of annexes in England has increased by more than 50 per cent in the past four years.

Whether she is baking bread in her state-of-the-art kitchen or relaxing in her sitting room, enjoying the view, the 81-year-old grandmother says the move has given her a new lease of life.‘It has a nice ambience, a lovely outlook and it is my own space,’ she says.For Kath Lowe, the decision to move in with Andy was not taken lightly.She had lived in the family home in Staffordshire since 1964, staying on even when her husband died more than a decade ago.For Andy, 59, who lives in the village of Bardsey to the north of Leeds, the benefit is knowing that his mother is not lonely.‘Where Mum used to live, she belonged to the Women’s Institute but talking to her she said her loneliness was about the day-to-day stuff, eating on her own at night and having no-one to chat to,’ he says.‘When I looked into it I realised that living alone can actually accelerate ageing.Now Mum is just down the bottom of the garden so we can have dinner together each day.

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