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Called him up told him my problem and he says I’ll be there in 5 minutes.

Well Louie showed up looked at the motor and diagnosed my problem to be the governor.

Most gas engine breaksowns are overheating including vporlock or electrical. RV particulars: Holiday Rambler Imperial 40 wds Driveline (Engine, Transmission): 325 C8.3, Alison md3060 Miles: 58,000 Year: 1998 Break Down Description: Symptoms: No air Effect: can’t drive Cause: Governor Outcome: Replaced governor I had the rig loaded up wife in her seat with the wiener dogs opened the gates started the motor up and the air pressure wouldn’t come up.

Walked in circles for a minute and thought hey I’ll call my friend Louie; he’s a diesel mechanic and only works a block from my house.

Unfortunately I have to be a contributor to this thread.Service done Jan 2 through RV Road Help Sign and Drive Two Front tire catastrofic tire failures: First North of Tampa 32000 miles on tire no spare and ruined Al Rim.Olsen Truck Tire whom we had purchased six tires from refused to do road service because we did not have corporate account.it takes a 1/4" allen wrench to remove it, and it is found on the side of the governor.* This post was last edited 12/11/03 am by big dave * Two Different Motorhomes: First New Year's Day 1999 in the Lower Keys went to start and air had gotten into fuel delivery system when we tried to start in campground.

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