Young earth theory carbon dating

Tiscareno again:“[…] The evidence shows that the magnetic field has fluctuated back and forth in strength as well as direction.

These fluctuations are clearly observed in places where the stratigraphy (i.e.

But it decays so quickly—with a half-life of only 5,730 years—that none is expected to remain in fossils after only a few hundred thousand years.

Yet carbon-14 has been detected in “ancient” fossils—supposedly up to hundreds of millions of years old—ever since the earliest days of radiocarbon dating.

Because helium is the second lightest element and a noble gas—meaning it does not combine with other atoms—it readily diffuses (leaks) out and eventually escapes into the atmosphere.

Helium diffuses so rapidly that all the helium should have leaked out in less than 100,000 years. Talk Origins explains this rather perfectly in that helium diffusion is not a straightforward rate that applies universally; subsurface pressure and temperature affect just how quickly helium would leak out of these rocks.

In fact, these findings have enhanced our knowledge of the dinosaur and their DNA, but have also helped us confirm their very old age.

So this may be the closest creationists get to actual science, not actually doing science, just simply exploiting science that is not fully understood yet and claiming that to be evidence for their position.

If you ignore the actual science and invent you own, you can claim anything is possible, as creationists have.8 Short-Lived Comets A comet spends most of its time far from the sun in the deep freeze of space.

But once each orbit a comet comes very close to the sun, allowing the sun’s heat to evaporate much of the comet’s ice and dislodge dust to form a beautiful tail.

This process moves at about an inch or two per year, so the average age of the ocean floor is in fact a few tens of millions of years, and thus the result is completely consistent with old-Earth science.

In many mountainous areas, rock layers thousands of feet thick have been bent and folded without fracturing.

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